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Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

25 Oct 2017 en 22:10

Headphones are people's portable audio, and now more and more for the headset requirements, according to different occasions to choose the right headset has become a symbol of the trend of life. Mobile phone headset is divided into two standards: OMTP standard is usually called the national standard, CTIA is called international standards.
Headphones according to their conversion methods, mainly: moving the way, moving iron, electrostatic and other magnetic. From the structural function of the classification, can be divided into semi-open and closed. There are earbuds, ear-lugs, ear-style and head-on styles. From the number of people wearing a single headphones and multi-person headphones. From the sound source on the difference, can be divided into active headphones and passive headphones; active headphones are often referred to as over ear bluetooth headphones.
Headset, as the name suggests is wearing a headset, not inserted into the ear canal, different from the ear ear type earphone. It consists of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset (usually moving coil) with signal receiving and amplifying devices.
The transmitter is connected to the signal source, or you can access the front or headphone amplifier before the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the tone. Chinese name first wearing headphones advantages sound field is good, good comfort.
Headset bass is not good or the pronunciation unit down the cost, and some wearable, stress tough, but the need for computer CD and other device drivers, mp3 driver did not bass effect.  
Health point of view or recommended with a headset, ear type of hearing on the impact of a time to wear not more than half an hour.
In the above, if you use mp3 and other low-power electrical appliances, it is recommended to use ear type, you can consider the Sony and the iron triangle, Sennheiser and other brands, if the emphasis on sound quality to enjoy, with computers and other music can be considered headset. You can feel the atmosphere of Dolby 5.1, is not an exaggeration. But must drive the current enough, mp3 must use the amp, that is, headphone amplifier.
Mainly open, semi-open, closed (closed)
Open headphones generally feel natural, comfortable to wear, common in the home to enjoy the HIFI headphones, the sound can be leaked, and vice versa can also hear the voice of the outside world, headphones on the oppression of the ear less.
Semi-open: there is no strict rules, the sound can only enter can not only out of the way, according to the need to make the appropriate adjustments.
Enclosed: Ears are more oppressive to the ear to prevent sound from entering and leaving, the sound is clearly positioned, and there is a drawback in the field of professional monitoring. However, there is a drawback that this type of headset has a bad bass and the W100 is an obvious example.


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